The origins of the Castle of Montignano date back to 962 when Otto I of Saxony was crowned in Milan as Emperor of Germany and King of  Italy by Pope John XII and he immediately tried to gain the loyalty [...]
Villa San Faustino
The castle of Villa San Faustino was part of the Terre Arnolfe in the tenth and eleventh centuries (mentioned in documents of the abbey of Farfa 1115 and 1118). The castle, connected to the important parish chu [...]
Castle built between 1300 and 1400, it still preserves its medieval structure. Of particular interest is the medieval main door near the small church of San Bernardino. Above the church of San Bernardino is sit [...]
The castle of Mezzanelli has followed the fortunes of the various rulers who handled its political life. Once part of Terre Arnolfe, the castle was cited in documents from 1115 and 1118 (Earls Ridolfo, Saraceno [...]
Castel Rinaldi
Medieval village built in 1160 by a certain "Rinaldo Duke of Calabria", Castel Rinaldi was part of the fief of the Arnolfi. Constantly part of Guelph, Castel Rinaldi was often the center of infighting that mark [...]
The fortified village of Viepri is wrapped in high hills, which ensured defense for centuries and still seem to hide it. Built after 1380 on the ruins of the demolished castle of Monte Schignano, its rule was t [...]
Martani Mountains
The Martani Mountains extend evenly from south to north for about 35 km between the provinces of Perugia and Terni. They border to the east on the Umbrian Valley and Valserra, to the west on th [...]
The village is today very different from what must have appeared in the Middle Ages. Today only some ruins of the fortified village remain, hidden by vegetation. Literature attest it as one of the most [...]

LA MAGNATA "Storica"

Massa Martana -Piazza Umberto I.

Ad Agosto, il centro storico di Massa Martana, parato a festa, farà da suggestiva cornice alla rievocazione di un'altra pagina del nostro Rinascimento! Sarà una magica serata, durante la quale la storia della "Illustre Terra di Massa nell'Umbria" si farà teatro e baldi giovani in costumi d'epoca, fanciulle danzanti, cantastorie, popolani, antichi mestieri e musiche rinascimentali ci riporteranno, per una sera, indietro nel tempo. Dopo la rievocazione storica, si farà festa tutti insieme a tavola e gli antichi sapori della nostra cucina ci faranno rinnovare quei sentimenti di amicizia, cordialità e ospitalità di cui la Gente di Massa è da sempre fiera. 


Historical and artistic buildings not included in the itineraries
Chiesa di Sant’illuminata
Historic and Naturalistic itinerary on the occidental flanks of the Martani Mountains
8,4 km – by car, 5,3km trekking. This itinerary is a  trekking along the western slope of the mountain Monte Castro,  a relief above Massa Martana. From the town of Massa Martana [...]
Martana Trekking
The Martani Trekking is a project of touristic-natural paths to enhance the mountain range. Martani Mountains stretches for about 35 km from north to south in central Umbria. The project was made in t


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